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Narjes Noureddine

Narjes started her journey with calligraphy art at Sharjah Institute for Arabic Calligraphy in 2000, then in Calligraphy master Khaled Al Saai. In year 2004 Narjes was awarded an international prize in the most recognized international competion for Arabic calligraphy art, organized by "IRCICA" - Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture, Istanbul, Turkey. She was the first lady calligrapher from the Arabian Gulf Region to be awarded in this competition..

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UAE & Kuwait



Arabesque Arts researched in the historical and cultural relationships between Kuwait & UAE to produce two artworks upon the request of HE Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, Mashreq Bank CEO.
Artwork #1: Poetry conversation between Sheikh Jaber of Kuwait & Sheikh Zayed of UAE.
Artwork #2: Two lines of a poem for the famous Emirati poet Sultan Ali Al Owais. Poem was written in 1951 to thank the Kuwaiti Emir for all the support given for education and empowerment among Arabian Gulf countries. Kuwait made history by establishing schools and spreading education and tolerance in his days. Every city among the gulf region received a school and a hospital in his days.