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Narjes Noureddine

Narjes started her journey with calligraphy art at Sharjah Institute for Arabic Calligraphy in 2000, then in Calligraphy master Khaled Al Saai. In year 2004 Narjes was awarded an international prize in the most recognized international competion for Arabic calligraphy art, organized by "IRCICA" - Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture, Istanbul, Turkey. She was the first lady calligrapher from the Arabian Gulf Region to be awarded in this competition..



Arabesque Arts Establishment

Arabesque Arts Est is a private owned venture registered since 14-Nov-2012 in Dubai - DED under professional license # 679005. Arabesque Arts Est is found to serve the art of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic arts in general by providing art consultancy services, curating and managing art projects, developing art strategies, organizing exhibitions and workshops, teaching and working with outstanding artists to produce art collections and highest quality of art commissions.

Our Story

Arab & Muslim artists have always expressed their special relationship with the word (verse, wisdom and poetry) in different contemporary ways and techniques, and have always proved the exceptional capabilities of their Calligraphy Art. Starting from traditional and classic calligraphy artworks through modern and contemporary calligraphy paintings, and not ending in the latest applications in fashion, interior design, architecture and master planning, Arabic calligraphy art has always impressed artists and art lovers, and we look ahead to play our role in this field. We are inspired by a huge heritage of beautiful art experiences of tens of globally renowned master artists over hundreds of years. We aim to bring more beautiful experiences to the world of art. Each of our projects is a unique experience that brings new ideas and creations.